Are QR Codes for me?


Here’s how QR Codes can change the way we live our lives.  While riding the train, you could stumble upon an advertisement for a new book, movie, or album that you are maybe curious about.  There is a web URL there but you would have to wait until you get to the office or home to check it out.  The problem is by the time you get home or to work, you can’t for the life of you remember what the URL is anymore.

But if there was a QR Code and you are armed with an android mobile or smart phone like an iPhone or a Blackberry, you can take it out, take a picture of the QR Code and there you have it – a website, a forum, message board, link to download some media files, reviews, coupons, tickets…whatever it is that the advertiser wants you to see!

In Japan, folks use QR Codes to find information about organic food and check out buildings or videos of homes just from scanning these QR Codes