Demand for QR Codes in UAE on the Rise

Quick response codes are gaining support in the Middle East, most particularly in the United Arab Emirates. This is due to the growth of smartphone usage among the locals. What’s more, consumers in the country are demanding for cutting edge and more convenient mobile-based services, and they are expecting their mobile devices to enable them to connect quickly to various location-based services.

And the good news is that UAE is one of the very few countries in the world where smartphone users actually demand that businesses apply QR codes in their advertising.

Leading market research company TNS Mena has released the latest edition of its Annual Mobile Life Study, which found that 19% of consumers regularly make use of QR codes and that 28% indicated an interest to use them in the future.

This interest in QR codes came to be when local advertisers started to use these two-dimensional matrix barcodes in their marketing campaigns. Consumers found that these codes allowed them to access various mobile content and in a very dynamic manner at that. For a lot of smartphone users in the UAE, this particular feature or function is very attractive.

TNS Mena also found that, aside from QR codes, location-based services are also gaining popularity among consumers. According to the report, 43% of mobile users use location-based services, which cover everything from location-based social networking to GPS.


As such, consumers are demanding that their mobile devices be equipped with enough QR code reader as well as location-based apps.

All these should be attributed to the new generation of consumers who possess a high level of experience when it comes to mobile technology.

As a result of TNS Mena’s findings, businesses are now feeling pressured to utilize or include QR codes and location-based services in their marketing and advertising campaigns. I guess we will see very soon how exactly they plan on doing this.


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