Gainesville Georgia Uses QR Codes to Help Bring in More Business

In February, Main Street Gainesville, an organization that works to promote economic development of the city’s downtown area, launched a new logo and announced that more than the logo, they are working on a QR code project that is designed to bring more businesses in the area.

Main Street Gainesville’s manger, Regina Mansfield, now announced that they have started to implement the QR code project.

They put up QR codes at two vacant buildings in the downtown area. When scanned, these QR codes will take people to a Web site that contains the information on these buildings.

With just one scan, you can learn about the building’s size, purchase information, and get the owner’s contact information. You could also get photos of the interiors, architectural details, as well as historical data.

The idea behind the QR code project is to make it easier for interested parties to get the information they need about the buildings as well as how to contact the owners if they want to buy, lease or rent it. This way, would-be business owners would not forget about it and be able to do something right there and then.

We think that this is just an expanded version of how real estate agents use QR codes to sell houses under their agency. Real estate agents are now utilizing QR codes to let people learn more about a certain property, even giving them a video tour of the place. Home buyers would also be able to access information about the house such as the selling price, history, acreage, and even comparable houses in the same price range or comparable prices of similar houses in the neighborhood.


It would be interesting if Main Street Gainesville would be able to incorporate more of these features into their QR code project. The contact number, we think, it the most helpful piece of information here since interested buyers would be able to get in touch with the seller or the property’s owner easily.

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