Gearbox Software Uses QR Codes

There is so much to be said about how QR codes are perfect for some cases. In these situations, QR codes are the only way to go.

Unlike near-field communication, QR codes are visual, which makes them perfect for video games and television commercials. You simply cannot do that with NFC! This is the reason why we often find QR code Easter eggs in many games. When you scan the QR code, it could be something valuable to the game or just some silly message from the developers.

But there is a better use for QR codes, and that is drumming up interest for your video game.

Gearbox Software is using QR codes to make their game, Borderlands 2, even more exciting. They call it Loot the World, and you can download the mobile app from either the iStore or Google Play. The premise for the app is rather simple.

Scan ANY QR code and you will get a free item in the app. Yes, that right, scan a QR code and you get fire armors, even sniper rifles and other items that you find in the game.

The idea is to find QR codes from everyday items. For example, you could scan a QR code that you see on a newspaper advertisement. If you get a flaming sword for that scan, everybody who scans the same newspaper ad will get the same item as you did. Plus it does not matter where you find the QR code, you will get an item for scanning it.


This is a great way to drum up interest in your video game. Now even those who have not played Borderlands 2 can get the app and hunt for treasure in everyday objects. They will see the weapons and items found in the game and hopefully, this will pique their interest enough to try out the game.

Plus, this is proof that you can still get creative with QR codes. This is probably the first time that we have seen QR codes used like this!


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