QR Code Seminars Help Businesses and Individuals Learn More

QR codes may be very popular nowadays, as it appears almost everywhere. But that does not mean that people and small business owners know about them.

In fact, even big brands stumble when using QR codes. We are very glad that there are now organizations that are putting together seminars and workshops that tell people about QR codes: what they are, how to create them and how to use them effectively.

Seminar Teaches Gardeners about QR Codes

We have previously talked about using QR code in the garden. In the article, “QR Codes in the Garden,” http://qrcodetracking.com/qr-codes-in-the-garden/

We mentioned some companies that are using QR codes for garden-related uses, including some growers that use QR codes in their product packaging. We also shared with you how you could use QR codes in your own garden, such as sharing videos, knowing what type of plants they are, labelling, and leaving care instructions.


It would seem that the idea is taking hold as more and more organizations are looking to teach people about QR codes.

For instance in Arlington, Virginia, gardeners were taught all about using QR codes for their garden. They were taught how to create QR codes to label their plants. The QR codes would take scanners to more information about the plants.

The free workshop was organized by the Arlington County Office of the Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Master Gardeners of Northern Virginia.

Meanwhile, in West Palm Beach, a QR codes also took center stage in a seminar about mobile marketing hosted by SCORE at Keiser University. The seminar, Mobile Apps for Small Business, included other mobile marketing topics such as integrated advertising, mobile marketing, mobile coupons and other similar topics.

Do you know of an upcoming seminar that talks about QR codes? Tell us all about it and we will feature these seminars in this space to help you reach more people!


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