QR Codes for Your Luggage Tags

Are you uncomfortable putting up personal information on your luggage tags? Because, really, who knows there would be people who would be looking at it while you are traveling, taking mental note of your name, address and even contact numbers, right?

Also, it might be a bad idea to put in your address there. You are effectively telling the world that you may have just left your house empty.

However, without these information on your tag, people who find it in case you lose your luggage will have no way of contacting you so that it could be returned.

So why not use QR codes instead?

Putting QR codes on your luggage tag is a good way for you to keep your information private but at the same time easily accessible by using a smartphone with a QR code scanning app installed on it.


What’s more, you really do not have to buy expensive tags to do it. You can print out QR codes on sticker paper and stick these codes on your luggage, and any item you do not want to lose.

It is easy and you can do it in around five minutes. Or less. All you have to do is to log into the BeQRious QR code generator and create a QR code. We suggest the following options:

1. Web URL – If you have your own Web site and you can create a page where you could safely list down your name, address and phone number, then link that page to your QR code.

2. e-mail – This allows you to have a QR code that instantly sends an e-mail message to any specified address you have.

3. Phone number – This allows you to generate a QR code that instantly places a call when scanned by somebody.

4. vCard – This allows you to generate a QR code that would instantly download a vCard file to the finder’s phone.

Go ahead and be creative. The BeQRious QR code generator can handle whatever idea you can come up with! Visit now and get your QR codes up on your luggage tags!


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