QR Codes Help WeChat Become a Social Media Platform

In China, Tencent’s Weixin or WeChat group messaging app is one of the most widely used services with more than 100 million users in the country. In fact, Weixin is the world’s biggest group messaging service in terms of users.

Now WeChat is using QR codes to bring advertisers, blogs, brands, newspapers, celebrities and other interested parties to its users.

WeChat has come out with QR codes that when scanned will show users some recommendations on who to follow and what to watch or listen to.

The WeChat app has the ability to scan QR codes in app.  Therefore, if you go to a blog site and it has a WeChat QR code on it, you can scan it and you will be able to add that blog into the blogs you follow.  If you go to somebody’s personal page, you can add that person as a friend easily just by scanning the QR code.

This makes it easier for people to check out their favorite celebrities, brands and shows.  All they have to do is scan their QR codes and voila, instant access to their tweets and messages.

This early, a lot of Chinese blogs are already on board, as well as some celebrities.

Brands and advertisers on the other hand can send out a mass message to their friends and followers.

Admittedly, an overzealous brand can easily spam their followers.  However, the new service would be much appreciated as it brings a social media aspect to group messaging and actually mimics Twitter and Facebook pages.  In addition, since the users actually opted into the service and followed them on their own accord, it is less likely that they will mind the intrusion, even if it borders on spam.

The new QR code following system is currently limited to just QR codes.  There is no way for you to search for a brand, company, celebrity to add to your contacts.  However, the company is hinting at other services tied to QR codes such as downloading coupons, coming up with loyalty programs and even allowing brands to interact with their customers on their own mobile phones.


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