QR Codes Show up on Business Licenses in Petaling Jaya

In Malaysia, businesses in Petaling Jaya are required to get a new business license. The new business licenses include sticker with a QR code on them.

More than 50,000 establishments now have the QR coded stickers. Businesses need to have the QR code stickers in addition to the license that is issued by the Petaling Jaya City Council.

The QR codes contain the business name, the trader’s name, the address, license period and the nature of business.

The QR codes are the brainchild of Datin Paduka Alinah Ahmad, the mayor of Petaling Jaya and Sharinaz Shamsudin who is the deputy director of the city council’s Licensing Department. The mayor says that he hopes that the QR codes would make it easier for enforcement officers and the public to get more information about the businesses they are patronizing.

It would also help them know if a license is fake or not. In fact, the QR codes are part of the Let’s Pay Our License campaign for 2014.

There are also plans to expand the QR codes’ use. For businesses that are in the food, cybercafe and beauty industries, employees would be given a special identification card. These ID cards would help the government know for sure that all employees of these companies are indeed locals, not foreign workers. Foreign workers are not allowed to work in these industries.


This is a great move, but there are rooms for improvement.

For one, it seems that the initiative is not that welcome with businesses. On top of the additional fees that businesses have to pay for, there are people who say that these are actually useless. The old licenses have a photo of the trader, as well as the same information that the QR code stickers provided. So having a QR code repeat the same things about the business is wrong.

The council could have easily put up more information about the business behind the QR code. For example, are there any complaints against the business or have there been any environmental issues with the business. Has it passed sanitary inspections, or is it tax compliant? These are good information to share with customers that way they know whether the business is kosher.


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