QR Codes That Help You with Your Business (Part 1)

We have said this time and again: QR codes can help you in running your business.

Mind you, QR codes are not just good for marketing. It could also help you sell more of your products while also helping you save on operational costs.

When it comes to your business, how can QR codes help?

1. QR Codes can replace the demo guy.

If you have products that users would need a demonstration for, such as those you see on late night as-seen-on-TV commercials, then you should definitely use QR codes. Instead of getting somebody to do in-store demos, you can just put a QR code up on the product packaging and tell your customers to “see how it works!”

The QR code would take your customers to YouTube videos where they could see your product in action!


2. QR Codes help people know yours is a socially responsible business.

Being a socially responsible business is always a plus point for any company. It paints you as a company that actually cares about giving back to the community more than the money you earn.

For instance, if you sell Children’s clothes and you promised to donate a portion of the sales to a worthwhile cause, charity or orphanage, you can use a QR code to show people just how much you are donating. You could show a running tally of all the proceeds.

If you support a local organization, then use QR codes to show people how you are helping. Perhaps a video of you and your employees planting trees or building a house for Habitat for Humanity.

There are just two ways on how QR codes could make your products sell better, without spending too much on advertising, marketing and promotions. There are some more ways on how QR codes could help you with your business, so stay tuned!


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