QR Codes that Worked: MyToys.de

MyToys.de is a German online toy store that wanted to highlight LEGO, which is one of their leading and most sellable products.

MyToys.de wanted to engage the offline community to bring in more customers into their site. So what do they come up with? QR codes that are made out of LEGO bricks!

Mind you, the online toy store did not just create black and white QR codes, but colorful customized codes with attractive and eye catching patterns. It helps that the codes were three-dimensional too, because it added to the overall beauty of the codes.

When you scan the QR code, a text message will come out explaining what the pattern was. For example, one QR code decoded to “A sea serpent that attacks a pirate ship. Or whatever you can imagine!” Remember that the goal of the campaign was to show people the things that they could do with LEGO. What’s more, the decoded message includes a URL that takes the user to the website itself.

The QR codes were made by hand and displayed at various outdoor locations that had a lot of people.

What Happened?

The LEGO QR code campaign drove people to visit the site. Their tracking shows that 49% of all their online visitors to their LEGO sites were taken there by the QR codes.

In addition, the LEGO products that were advertised using the QR codes sold twice as many units than those that were not advertised.

Why This Worked

The use of customized QR codes to reflect the brand’s characteristics. LEGO is known to be fun and playful, so why should you use black and white for it when LEGO bricks are available in just about any color?

What’s more, the location helped. The QR codes were placed in high traffic places where they were easily seen and scanned by people.

Instructions were included in the QR codes. Two lines of text were all it takes to tell consumers what to do with the QR codes and what they could get from it.

QR Codes are just perfect for this campaign. By using the pixels of the QR codes and colors, you can easily form patterns that people would recognize. What’s more, since the company is an online store, it makes sense that you should use QR codes to take people to their website. One could argue that they could have easily taken out advertising space in the local papers, but those ads will not be as interesting as these QR codes, nor will it take them conveniently to the site.


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