What’s wrong with your advertising campaign? It’s pretty, informative, well-planned. Yet sales are not picking up. You do not even know how many people have received your flyers, and if they have read these at all. You have your Web site running without any significant visits, much less conversions. You have your URL on your business cards, marketing materials, even your letterhead, but sales have been slow in coming.

It’s time you take a look at QR codes.

A QR code is a two dimensional barcode that holds specific information in it. When you scan and decode a QR code using any mobile phone with a camera and a free QR code decoder on it, you would be able to decipher and access the information. It could be a Web site URL, a person’s contact details, or just simple text.

QR codes have been around for almost two decades, yet it is only beginning to be used by businesses

Enhance your image and your brand.

Businesses are always looking for an inexpensive way to establish their brands and their image. QR codes are perfect for this.

Want to be known as hip, trendy, up-to-date, and technology-savvy? Get a QR code on your business card, letterhead, Web site, or just about anything that your customers can see.

Expand your marketing.

When it comes to print ads, you are limited by the size of your poster, hand-outs, leaflets, brochures. When it comes to TV commercials, you will have to abide by the number of seconds allotted to you. If you exceed these, you are bound to do two things: take out
some information that may be valuable to your product or service, or pay more than what you wanted.

QR codes offer you a way to bridge offline and online marketing, and in the highest sense, it allows you to expand on your offline marketing.

QR codes allow you to expand your marketing. With a QR code, your TV advertisement does not end in the 30 second slot you paid for. Instead, viewers will spend much more time on your mobile site getting to know your product and services more. Your printed marketing materials is not the only place where they could see your products, instead it serves as a portal to a wealth of information. In effect QR codes allow you to break free from the constraints of limited air time, ad space or newspaper columns!

Boundless Methods of Customer Engagement.

With QR codes, you are only limited by your creativity. QR codes give you the opportunity to launch various promotions on top of your information drive. It’s no longer just telling them you are selling a pair of pants, it’s about engaging them. QR codes are perfect tools for customer engagement.

Want to institute a customer loyalty program? QR codes can help you do this easily. Want to give out exclusive discounts? No problem. Want to get people to talk about your product? Easy!

What We Offer

Imagine being able to do all these without the cost of launching an all out campaign. That is what we offer, cost-effective solutions to expanding your marketing and enhancing your brand and image.

You do not have to overhaul your current marketing plan. Nor do you need to restructure your marketing budgets. Work with us and gain a world of benefits from QR codes.

We can help you:

1. Generate the QR codes and deploy them.
You really do not have to learn new technologies to get yourself or your business a QR code. It’s so simple and takes a few minutes. Try it out for yourself: http://beqrious.com/generator

2. Get unique QR codes so that you could track any number of campaigns, any way you like it.
A QR code campaign works just like any other marketing campaign, if you do not track it, it is basically useless and you would be left wondering whether you are putting your money in the right place. Our mass QR code campaigns help you identify which channel works best for your market so that you could focus on these channels in the future.

3. Lead and Idea Generation. Let’s face it, even the most creative marketing geniuses get a mental roadblock along the way. With our QR News and QR code forums, you can easily see what other people are doing and take your inspiration from them. Get an idea or two on how to execute your QR code campaigns and how to do it right. Learn about the costly mistakes of others so you could fine tune your own campaign.

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