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Taiwan Says Hi with 1,369 People and a QR Code

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

QR codes have been used for travel and tourism purposes.

For instance, Altitude London has used custom QR codes to give people a tour of London’s best landmarks, including the Trellick Tower, the Big Ben, and other similarly famous local buildings.  The QR codes were designed by Erno Goldfinger.

In San Diego, QR codes also act as a tour guide for people visiting Sioux Falls.  The QR codes not only guide people to the interesting buildings of downtown Sioux Falls, but it also tells them the history behind the buildings.

The same scheme is being employed for Tamba Bay buildings.

QR codes also help tourists to Napa Valley hear more about its ARTwalk.  Scan a QR code at a structure and you can listen to information about the artist and the rationale behind the work.

Meanwhile, QR codes are leading the way on a nature walk out in JN Darling National Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

More examples on how QR code are being used for tourism are here:

In any case, Taiwan is looking to jump onto the QR code bandwagon by creating the biggest QR code made out of… humans.

Yes, more than 1,300 people carrying umbrellas assembled in Taipei City Hall square.  Their mission is to organize a customized QR code with the word HI in the middle.

When scanned, the QR code would take people to the Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation website where people could learn more about the country and various events happening there.

The Foundation wanted to promote the image of Taiwan in creating what could be the largest human QR code.  Too bad, however, that the human QR code seems to be not working, at least from our end.  We have been trying to scan the photos from the event, but we have not  been able to scan them successfully.  Are you having better luck?