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MasterCard Uses QR Codes for Mobile Payment App QkR

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Mobile payments is an exciting area. Understandably, credit card companies, banks, financial institutions and payment services are scrambling to come up with their own mobile payment systems.

MasterCard has been one of those companies that have delved into the mobile payment space. Its latest offering is called QkR, which uses QR codes and a mobile app.

How does it work? A customer sees a QR code and scans it. The QR code will then show the user a list of products and services that are on offer.

MasterCard has already tested the application in the real world in Australia. With cooperation from La Premiere cinemas, MasterCard put up QR codes on the theater’s arm rests. Moviegoer can scan the QR code and they can order food and drinks, which will be delivered right to their seats. Similar trials were held in New York and Ireland.


So you see, QR codes are expanding in terms of their usefulness. A code is no longer confined to merely helping business owners market their products and engage their customers, but it can also help them sell. This is positive proof that QR codes are far from being dead and are in fact still very useful. Ignore QR codes at your own risk!

The MasterCard QkR project is also noteworthy in another aspect: it brings several technologies together. We have already discussed QR codes, but the system is also compatible with near-field communication. Instead of scanning a QR code, you can simply tap your smartphone and get the same offers and deals. Plans are also underway to support audio cues and the same technology that powers Microsoft Xbox Kinect. For instance, you can set your phone to “listen” to a particular TV show. If that TV show plays a snippet of sound that your smartphone picks up, it will take you to the corresponding information that the TV show wants you to access.

Meanwhile, MasterCard also thinks that you can purchase stuff using gestures. Perhaps, signing your name in the air would validate your purchase.

All of these are possible on the QkR platform.