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Two Unusual Uses of QR Codes

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

If you think you have seen it all when it comes to QR codes, then think again.

QR codes are so flexible that the only thing that limits it is your imagination. Just take for instance how Jessica Krannitz used QR codes to show people some sort of graffiti art without having to deface public property!

Jessica Krannitz is using QR codes to make her art unique and one-of-a-kind. A graduate of Texas A&M, Krannitz is currently exhibiting her QR graffiti works.

Over the past few years, Krannitz has been doing some light painting on some public areas. It could be a toilet stall, a wall, or even a building.

After some time, she creates a QR codes and leaves them at the same places where she had her graffiti. When you scan the code that is the only time you see her artwork.

Krannitz has around 30 QR codes spread all over the campus and in downtown Bryan.

So all you have to do to see her light paintings is to scan the QR codes!


Kennards Hire Uses QR Codes

Kennards Hire is a premiere rental company in Australia. And they are using QR codes to make their equipment safer for users.

Kennards Hire is putting QR codes on their equipment, especially those belonging to the Pump and Power, Lift and Shift, Concrete Care, and Traffic segments.

The QR codes would detail the equipment’s maintenance history and service records. This would help them determine whether the machinery is still safe to use or whether it needs some maintenance work.

For new users, the QR codes would also help them find the user manual. This way, they can go over what they need to know before operating the machine. The QR codes can also provide information about examination certification and tests done on the machine, as well as maintenance schedules.

These QR codes are accessible using your smartphone, ensuring that you do not need special equipment to use the QR codes.