Two Recent QR Code Campaigns that Worked

We have long said that marketers are doing QR codes a disservice by not thinking about their QR code campaigns, as well as where it leads to.

It has been very difficult to come across a QR code campaign that was actually successful in engaging the customer. Instead, we are bombarded by reports of QR code fails, those campaigns that make you scratch your head and wonder what the advertisers were thinking.

Today, however, we are going to look at two winners in the QR code marketing sphere: Marks and Spencer and Toyota.

Both companies have recently launched a great QR code marketing campaign. And the similarities do not end there.


David Moth at writes about both companies here and here.

To summarize, here is why both of these campaigns succeeded:

1. Easy to notice and easy to scan QR codes.
2. A strong call to action to entice people to scan the codes.
3. Mobile optimized landing page. Both QR codes took scanners to an online page that displayed perfectly on mobile devices.

Great Content.

But the most important factor to success in QR code marketing campaigns is having great content.

Both M&S and Toyota used mobile sites for the QR code campaigns. M&S faltered slightly when it did not take into consideration the size of the text in their landing sites. But that is forgivable.

In general, both sites provided interesting information about their own products. Toyota provided more information about their new GT86 line. They were also able to get contact information from their visitors a data capture form. They also keep things pretty interesting by making it interactive.

M&S, on the other hand, provided information about its Mother’s Day offerings, and made it easier to buy something online.

Both companies succeeded because they observed the best practices and recommendations for putting out a QR code campaign that works. We have been writing about these steps and tips for quite some time now and we admit that it entails a lot of work to implement, but the payoff is that you do not waste your time and effort on a QR code campaign that falls flat on its face.


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