What does QR Code do?


A QR Code is like a link, a web URL. All you need is a smart phone like an Android, Blackberry or iPhone that has a QR Code reader installed in it. A QR Code reader is necessary to ‘read’ the QR Code. Basically, a code can contain data or a link to any link on the internet. The ‘links’ are created for free using QR Code generators like this one.

With a smart phone like an android,  you can open up the QR Code reader which will load through your phone’s camera. With your camera you will snap a picture of the QR Code and then it will return the data held within the QR code back to your mobile phone. This might be a photo, website, video clip ect…

For example, you see a QR Code on an album you think you might like but you are unsure about it. You scan the QR Code where you find loads of reviews of the album and songs. You might even find yourself browsing through short snippets of the songs in the album which will help you decide whether you wanted to buy the album…or not.