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Our custom designed qr code analytic system offers you detailed tracking information and statistics on all of your qr code campaigns.

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Gearbox Software Uses QR Codes


There is so much to be said about how QR codes are perfect for some cases. In these situations, QR codes are the only way to go. Unlike near-field communication, QR codes are visual, which makes them perfect for video games and television commercials. You simply cannot do that with NFC! This is the reason [...]

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Tesco Uses QR Codes and Augmented Reality


In the United Kingdom, Tesco is using both augmented reality and QR codes to help people with their holiday shopping. Now Tesco customers could find out more about the products on the window displays and even buy them right then and there, without needing to enter the store. Several products are on display, including some [...]

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Scanning QR Codes for Art


We have seen QR codes being used in art. Sometimes, it is used simply as a way to give out more information about the artwork or the artist. There are also pieces where QR codes are incorporated into the artwork itself. It could either be subtle details, or it could be a QR code mosaic. [...]

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